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Welcome to Kylectric Auto, a subsidiary of Kaiyun Motors and CSG Design. Our mission is to offer a sustainable, close proximity, high frequency, and high utility platform solution that fits the lifestyle for the generations to come. 

“It costs the average American about $9,282 per year, or $773.50 per month, to own a new vehicle when factoring in fuel, maintenance, depreciation, insurance and borrowing costs..." according to AAA.


"Americans borrow an average $32,480 for new vehicles and $20,446 for used. The average loan term is 69 months for new cars..." according to Lending Tree.


In practice, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on new vehicles that lose one third of its value per year. 

From our research, more than 90% of consumers typically travel 20 minutes or less to make their everyday purchases. These vehicle usage habits trended within 40 miles per day, with those miles consisting of short distances and high use frequency. The future of community transportation has to transition to a more practical, affordable and accessible option. 


We have the solution - introducing the Pickman trucks and its subsidiaries! Built and designed to fit the needs of each market, we are focused on providing the best value, customer service and innovation to society. From developing patented powertrains and transmissions to designing attractive exterior and ergonomic interior features, we are geared to offer the best solutions. With a starting cost less than what the average American pays per year to own a new vehicle, there will be a new paradigm shift in vehicle ownership. 


Offering a 70 mile range per charge with the same carrying and towing capacities of a full sized pickup, our innovative modular design allows for class-leading safety construction, creature comforts and low running costs during its lifecycle. Accessible and easy to use, the Pickman product line is the forefront of alternative transportation solutions for short range utility needs. 

Unchain yourself from the boundaries of gas stations and look ahead to the future of electric locomotion.

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