Choose your Pickman model:

  1. Pickman 2Door Classic MSRP: 4kW $9999 | 5kW  $10599

  2. Pickman 4Door 4Passenger MSRP: 4kW $9999 | 5kW  $10599

  3. Pickman 2Door Mission MSRP: 5kW Cargo $11999 | 5kW Cold Box  $12999

Choose your color:

White, silver, black, blue, green, red, yellow​

Choose available options:

  1. Front Bumper Guard $250

  2. Air Conditioning $500

  3. Alloy wheels $500 (set)

  4. Towing Package $500

Our vehicles are low speed vehicle (USA, LSV) and L7e (EU) certified. Please consult with your local vehicle department for registration and on road use.

You maybe eligible for federal or state electric vehicle incentive. Please contact us for more information or click here

Enjoy features and

available options:

Pickman 4Passenger Structure.png

Each Pickman is built to order and 30% of the invoice is required to begin.

Remaining balance is due before the vehicle ships.

Estimated build time can range from 30~55 days.

Ocean freight time of 30~55 days depending on the final destination.

Additional destination charges will vary.


If balance is paid 100% up front we will give you a $500 discount off your order. 

AC Motor
Front Trunk
Infotainment & Backup Camera
Interior Phone Holder with Charger
Interior Fan and Defroster
Passenger Compartment
Power Doors and Window Controls
Rear USB Area
Windshield Wiper
Wheels and Tires
Alloy Wheels
Rugged Accessories
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