Resellers, Partners and Samples


Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Contact Joseph

Oakland, CA - Contact Rudy

Baton Rouge, LA - Contact Alex

Hollywood, FL - Contact Chris

Frederick, MD - Contact Frank

More incoming!

Become a Partner 

Bring the Pickman closer to a city near you! Your friends, family and customers need to know about what we do. Our Pickman trucks are designed for community and utility uses that is applicable and scalable in many markets. Having more partners gives us an opportunity to provide more services and solutions to our customer while driving more awareness to renewable, alternative locomotion.


Vehicle Demo to Purchase

Request for a demo or vehicle sample on a first come, first serve basis. The customer would incur both the delivery cost and pick up cost of the vehicle to their location as well as a daily rental fee. The daily rental fee and duration would be negotiated as well as the option to purchase the sample vehicle at the end of the demo period. Please inquire for a vehicle sample agreement form and availability.


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