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Pickman Classic

The Pickman Classic is focused around utility as its

capable bed can fold flat and fit a full sized pallet.

Pickman Passenger

The Pickman Passenger is focused around family and

errands as it can fit 4 adults and their bags comfortably. 

Pickman Mission

The Pickman Mission is focused around businesses and deliveries as it is equipped with either a cargo box or an auxiliary powered cold box.


5kW Motor

With instant power and torque, this single rear AC motor can tow over 2 tons.

70 Mile Range

Class leading, up to 70 mile range and charges via any 120V outlet overnight.

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Frequently asked questions

How much?

Vehicles start from $8400 up to $13000 depending on model, battery, options and excludes shipping, tariffs and final destination charges. Please see link below to access the invoice sheet for the U.S. market.

Is this road legal?

In the U.S., we are currently equipped as a low-speed vehicle or manufacturer certified to FMVSS 500 standards, with backup camera, FMVSS 209 seatbelts, AS1 glazing windshield, 17 digit VIN and manufacturer certificate of origin for self-registration etc… Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV) or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) can be registered and operated on public roads and neighborhoods 25~35 miles per hour. Please check with your local DMV for registration and more.

What are the payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 50% deposit to begin and 50% remaining balance due when production is complete and the vehicle(s) are prepped for shipment. Online, 100% payments will receive $500 off their total invoice. Once vehicle builds are confirmed and locked-in, the deposit is not refundable. All sales are final otherwise. Please ask to see our vehicle purchase agreement.

What about warranty & service?

We offer 3 year warranty, covering bumper to bumper except for wear and tear items*. The Pickman models are designed to be low maintenance, DIY-friendly and easy to work on with 1 to 1 troubleshooting from our staff. We are currently based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and plan to stock all relevant spare parts in our facility here. We are currently based in Avondale, Arizona and Frederick, Maryland with many more locations to come.

What are standard features of the vehicle?

5kW Rear axle motor Kelly controllers 2 Speed fan & defrost / heating Backup camera Infotainment LED Dash Display 2 x USB ports Phone holder LED Headlights & taillights with turn indicators FMVSS 209 3 point seatbelts DOT windshield, tires and glass Power steering and brakes with regenerative braking & eco mode AGM, lead acid batteries (6 x 12V 100Ah) 2 ton towing and up to 1 ton payload

What models are available?

Pickman Classic, Passenger and Mission The Pickman Classic is focused on utility with a bigger bed (full sized pallet), triple loading gate and and payload while the Pickman Passenger is focused around family and errands with seating for 4 adults plus bags. The Pickman Mission is our 2 door model focused for businesses and local deliveries as it is equipped with either a cold box or cargo box. Pickman XR (2 door) and Pickman 4XR (4 door) with 4x4 dual motor, lithium batteries, options & more will be the top of the line trim with production starting September of 2021.

What colors are available?

What is the Pickman buyback guarantee?

Don’t like what you bought? Kylectric Auto Inc will buy back the vehicle after the vehicle is delivered if the vehicle is not satisfactory within 7 days after delivery for the full amount of the vehicle cost excluding shipping or destination fee. The amount will be refunded within 30 days after the vehicle is returned to the manufacturer in CA.

Where is this vehicle made?

Currently, the Pickmans are built in Kunming, China with features designed by our California team. We have big plans to bring manufacturing into the U.S. to better control quality, R&D, warranty, service and improve customer experience. Help us reach our goals to build a better product together!

How do we see it or test drive?

We have several vehicle model for demos with me in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Avondale in Arizona and Frederick in Maryland. These demos include: 2 door Pickman Classic, 4 door Pickman Passenger as well as a Pickman XR prototype. Customers are welcomed to come by for test drives! Happy to schedule a ZOOM call to go over specifics for a virtual tour. We also offer rental or demos for local customers, please inquire for more details as it will be location specific.

Is this available in my country?

Vehicle pricing is based off of the U.S. as we expect the largest demand from this market. U.S. market is also where we are currently based so we can support 3 year warranty along with parts & service. We are low-speed vehicle equipped in the U.S., Asia and L7e certified for the European market able to be imported into various countries. Please ask about bringing Pickmans to your country to make sure sales & service is accounted for.

I am a reseller or dealer, how do I get involved?

Relevant business and market information will be requested and reviewed, along with executed marketing, pricing and user agreements. Qualified resellers will be selected but must purchase a certain minimum amount of vehicles to receive wholesale pricing and obtain potential exclusives.

How do I cancel or refund my order?

Reservations, deposits and orders for vehicle builds can be refunded 100% before the build is confirmed. Otherwise, all sales are final and refunds can be processed after the build is complete as your orders may be bought back by the manufacturer or offered to others for sale at that point.

Who are we, can we deliver?

We are a group of individuals with automotive, electronics, retail, manufacturing, design and marketing backgrounds that has more than 50 years of combined experience in the combind industries. We have delivered more than 20,000 early model Pickmans domestically in China and we have exported more than 150 current Pickman models since 2019, with 60+ specifically to the U.S. Feel free to contact us at for any questions.

What is the total cost and time of getting a Pickman delivered?

Your total delivered cost and timing is broken up 4 sections: 1) Vehicle build: from $8400~13000 with a production time of 30~50 days. Each Pickman is built to order to the model / color / option(s) selected in about 30~50 days depending on options selected and a number of external circumstances like holidays and or potential supply chain delays. Vehicles can be configured by our invoice sheet or with our staff upon request. U.S. vehicles receive 3 year bumper to bumper warranty and 5 year warranty on lithium batteries. 2) Vehicle shipment: from $1500~3000+ with an estimated time of 30~60 days on average. After production, each Pickman is inspected and prepped for export. Customers can choose to provide their own shipping resources or work with our trusted shipping partners to find the best suitable solution for each customer's order. A vehicle can be shipped via roll-on, roll-off freight or containerized freight to an accomodating U.S. port and shipment time, once booked, can take about 20 days to the west coast and up to 55 days for the east coast. Shipment cost will vary until the time of booking and will also vary depending on the shipping method selected. 3) Vehicle importation & clearance: ~28% of the invoice amount with an average of 7 days. Duties will cost roughly 28% of the invoice amount, due at the time of importation to U.S. customs. After vehicle arrives to the U.S. port, port processing and customs clearance typically takes 7~10 days until the shipment is ready for pick-up to our authorized facilities in California, Arizona or Maryland (more incoming). 4) Vehicle final hand-off inspection & delivery: Free~$2000 in auto transport cost with a delivery time frame from 1~2 weeks. Vehicles will be received at our authorized facilities for final walk through, battery top-off, install relevant options and final hand-off to customers or an auto transporter that will be making the final, to-door delivery. Final delivery costs will vary depending on the distance from the facility to the end customer. Typical auto transport costs $1 per mile, depending on route, location and season. Pickman vehicles are built to be self-registered so a trailer will be needed at the time of pick-up or customers will need to factor in auto transport delivery costs. Current authorized facility locations: (more incoming) Rancho Cucamonga, California Avondale, Arizona Frederick, Maryland

Reserve your discount now and we will be in touch to finalize the model, color, options and delivery of your Pickman. Reservations are 100% refundable before the order is finalized.