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The Pickman Classic is focused around utility as its

capable bed can fold flat and fit a full sized pallet.

The Pickman Passenger is focused around family and

errands as it can fit 4 adults and their bags comfortably. 

The Pickman Mission is focused around businesses and deliveries as it is equipped with either a cargo box or an auxiliary powered cold box.

4-5kW Motor

With instant power and torque, this single rear AC motor can tow over 2 tons.

70 Mile Range

Class leading 70 mile range and charges via any 110V outlet overnight.

<90 Day ETA

Each Pickman is built to order < 40 days & delivers to the U.S. < 50 days.

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Secured payment via Stripe, Paypal, Flexxbuy, Penfed or Lightstream.

Pickman FAQ's

1. How much?

Starts from $9,999 to $12,999 MSRP excluding options, relevant taxes, registration and final destination charges.

Tax incentives for individuals or businesses:

2. Is this road legal?

In the U.S., we are currently equipped as a low-speed vehicle or manufacturer certified to FMVSS 500 standards, with backup camera, FMVSS 209 seatbelts, AS1 glazing windshield, 17 digit VIN and manufacturer certificate of origin for self-registering, etc. Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV) or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) can be registered and operated on public roads and neighborhoods 25~35 miles per hour.

3. When will this be delivered?


Each Pickman is built to order! After your order is received and confirmed, the standard production lead time is 30~40 days. Upon production completion, the vehicle is tested then prepped for shipping consolidation and export. Once on board the vessel, typical shipping time ranges from 30 days for west coast U.S. port delivery and 45 days for east coast U.S. port delivery. Total lead time from when an order is placed is typically 70~85 days. 


4. How will we pay?


Vehicle reservations are paid via STRIPE. 

Reservations and deposits are 100% refundable before order is locked in and closed. 

Vehicle orders are paid via cash, bank wire, credit card, Paypal, Stripe.

Loans options: Flexxbuy, Lightstream, Penfed at 3%~32% APR, 36~60 months.


5. What is the warranty?


We offer 1~3 year warranty, covering bumper to bumper except for wear and tear items*. The Pickman models are designed to be low maintenance, DIY-friendly and easy to work on with 1 to 1 troubleshooting from our staff. We are currently based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and plan to stock all relevant spare parts in our facility here. We will also offer extended warranty programs as the projected vehicle specifications are being finalized. 


6. What are the current features? 

(Features subject to change from the manufacturer)



Rear AC Motor:

  • 4~5kW rear motor

  • 5kW is recommended for steeper terrains, heavier payload or towing requirements

  • Limited top speed of 25~28 mph*

  • 2 ton towing, up to 1 ton payload*


Maintenance Free Batteries:

  • 72V 100Ah AGM sealed AGM lead acid batteries

  • Easily swap out batteries from underneath the seats*

  • 70 miles range per charge without loads and on flat, paved roads 

  • 60 miles range with one driver and 1100 pounds payload (tested)

  • 110V Charging in 8~10 hours, compatible with standard wall outlets


Included Features:

  • 2 Speed fan & heating

  • Backup camera

  • Infotainment

  • LED Dash Display

  • 2 x USB ports 

  • Phone holder

  • 3 point seatbelts 

  • Power doors & locks on the 4 door models*

  • LED Headlights & taillights with turn indicators

  • License plate holder

  • FMVSS 209 3 point seatbelts

  • Power steering and assisted braking



  • Front bumper guard

  • Towing package - 2 inch receiver with ball mount

  • Air conditioning

  • Alloy wheels (2 doors Pickman’s only)


7. What models are available?


  • 2 door Pickman Classic - 4kW or 5kW

  • 4 door Pickman Passenger - 4kW or 5kW

  • 2 door Pickman Mission with Cargo or Cold Box - 5kW 


8. What colors are available?


  • Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Silver, Maroon


9. Where is this vehicle made?


  • Currently, the Pickmans are built in southern China with features designed by our California team. 

  • We have plans on bringing assembly to the U.S. as soon as 2021. Stay tuned for more updates from our team!


10. How do we see it or test drive?


  • We welcome FaceTime appointments to show or go over any questions or specifics. 

  • We are currently based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and we welcome scheduled appointments.

  • We have a number of resellers and customers throughout the U.S. that have taken delivery whom we would be happy to refer for localized visits. 


11. Is this available in my country?


  • Vehicle pricing is based off of the U.S. as we expect the largest demand from this market. We plan to consolidate orders from close-by regions and countries to update various pricing options accordingly. We are low-speed vehicle certified in the U.S., Asia and L7e certified for the European market able to be imported into various countries. 


12. I am a reseller or dealer, how do I get involved? 


  • Relevant business and market information will be requested and reviewed, along with executed marketing, pricing and user agreements. 

  • Qualified resellers will be selected but must purchase a certain minimum amount of vehicles to receive wholesale pricing. 


13. How do I meet the team or get involved? 


  • Join our Pickman Community and book a 1 to 1 conference with us to discuss partnerships, investors, see where we are going and more. 


14. How do I cancel or refund my order? 


  • Reservations, deposits and orders for vehicle builds can be refunded 100% before the order is finalized. Otherwise, refunds can be processed after the build is complete as your orders may be bought back by the manufacturer or offered to others for sale at that point. Please see the vehicle purchase agreement for more detail. 


15. Who are we? Can we deliver? 


  • We are a group of individuals with automotive, electronics, retail, manufacturing, design and marketing backgrounds that has more than 50 years of combined experience in the industries. 

  • We have delivered more than 20,000 early model Pickmans domestically in China. 

  • We have exported more than 150 current Pickman models since 2019, with 40+ specifically to the U.S.

  • Our goal is to develop a community platform and provide practical electric utility solutions.

Reserve your discount now and we will be in touch to finalize the model, color, options and delivery of your Pickman. Reservations are 100% refundable before the order is finalized.

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