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  • Who are we?
    We are a group of individuals with automotive, electronics, retail, manufacturing, design and marketing backgrounds with more than 50 years of combined experience in the mentioned industries. We have delivered more than 20,000 early model Pickmans domestically in China and we have exported more than 150 current Pickman models since 2019, with 60+ specifically to the U.S. Feel free to contact us at for any questions.
  • How do we see it or test drive?
    We have several vehicle models available for demos in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Avondale, Arizona and Frederick, Maryland. These demos include: 2 door Pickman Classic, 4 door Pickman Passenger and a Pickman XR prototype. Customers are welcome to come by for test drives! We are happy to schedule a ZOOM call to go over specifics for a virtual tour. We also offer rental or demos for local customers; please inquire for more details as it will be location specific. Rancho Cucamonga, California Avondale, Arizona Boise, Idaho Beeville, Texas Summerfield, North Carolina, Caroll, Ohio Frederick, Maryland
  • What models are available?
    Pickman Classic, Passenger, Pickman Mission,Pickman XR and 4XR. Pickman XR (2 door) and Pickman 4XR (4 door) with 4x4 dual motor, lithium batteries, options & more will be the top of the line trim with production starting December 2021.
  • What colors are available?
  • How big is a Pickman?
    A Pickman vehicle measures around 4.5~5 feet wide, 5.1~6 feet tall and 11.4~12.3 feet long and weighs anywhere from ~1600 pounds up to 2000 pounds depending on models and options. See below for some images and reference points compared to a 5’9 figure in the single cab, dual cab, golf cart, F150 Raptor, etc. Interior measurements: Seat to top of the cabin is 37 inches, front of cabin slants down so it’s closer to 36 inches Interior cabin is 4 feet wide,19 inches from seat to steering wheel and 25 inches for passenger seat to dash. The double cab, 4 door model has more legroom since the seat can be further adjusted back another 2~3 inches and pushed up against the cabin. See below for some customer images: 6'2 and 6'3 customers sitting in the front of the 4 door model. 5'8 Customer sitting in the backseats of the 4 door model. 5'9 Customer sitting in the 2 door model. 6'3 Customer sitting in a 2 door model.
  • What are standard features of the vehicle?
    5kW Rear axle motor Kelly controllers 2 Speed fan & defrost / heating Backup camera Infotainment LED Dash Display 2 x USB ports Phone holder LED Headlights & taillights with turn indicators 3 point seatbelts Windshield, tires and glass Power steering and brakes with regenerative braking & eco mode AGM, lead acid batteries (6 x 12V 100Ah) 2 ton towing and up to 1 ton payload
  • Is this road legal?
    The Pickman vehicles are certified and street legal as a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) or low speed vehicle (LSV), up to 35mph areas in most states, not highway legal. Without registration or usage in proper areas, the vehicles are for use on private lands or off-roads. Please check with your local DMV for usage and details. These vehicles are not titled or registered to be driven on public roads from the manufacturer.
  • What about warranty & service?
    We offer 3 year warranty, covering bumper to bumper except for wear and tear items*. The Pickman models are designed to be low maintenance, DIY-friendly and easy to work on with 1 to 1 troubleshooting from our staff. We are currently based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and plan to stock all relevant spare parts in our facility here. We are currently based in Industry, California, Avondale, Arizona, Beeville, Texas, Boise, Idaho, Carroll, Ohio, Summerfield, North Carolina and Frederick, Maryland with many more locations to come.
  • Where is this vehicle made?
    Currently, the Pickmans are built in Kunming, China with features designed by our California team. We have big plans to bring manufacturing into the U.S. to better control quality, R&D, warranty, service and to improve customer experience. Help us reach our goals to build a better product together!
  • Is this available in my country?
    Vehicle pricing is based off of the U.S. market as we expect the largest demand from this segment. The U.S. market is also where we are currently based in order for us to support our three year warranty along with parts & service. We are low-speed vehicle equipped in the U.S., Asia and L7e certified for the European market. Please ask about bringing Pickmans to your country to make sure sales and service are accounted for.
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