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Pick Capable. 

 Your personal 

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Introducing the Pickman Classic:

 For urban or community utility. 

Big on space to carry & load more.

 Bed dimensions: 
 Height: 11.81" 
 Width: 49.02" 
 Length: 63.78" 

 Customized bed 
with jump seats or  
bench seating. 

 Tow up to 2 tons. 
 (When equipped with our towing package on a flat, paved surface) 

 Vehicle dimensions: 
 Height: 61.02" 
 Width: 54.13" 
 Length: 136.81" 
 Weight: <1565.28 lbs*

 Up to 50~130* mile range. 
 Vehicles are tested going 22 mph average on a flat road with 600 lb payload without air conditioning on. The Pickman now features three battery sizes ranging from 7.2kWh to 18.4kWh depending on equipment. Lithium models features 240V fast charge. Real world range will vary depending on use.  

 Top speed of 25 miles per hour. 

 Rear wheel drive, 
 leaf plate suspension   and disc / drum brakes. 

 Great to drive. 
 Well equipped with power steering, assisted brakes, back-up camera, windshield, glass,   tires, 3-point seatbelts and our high torque motors gets up to speed quickly. 

Charges with your standard 110V home plug in 8~10 hours.

70 Mile Range, no maintenance batteries

Fold down beds for easy loading and access

1400 Payload rating

Bed size of 63.9" x 49"

Front storage area

Charges in 8~10 hours via 120V outlet, <2 hours via 240V

50 mile range, maintenance-free or lithium batteries

1400 payload rating and equipped with leaf springs

hover cursor or click on vehicle*

Pickman 2 door Body Shell Construction

The Foundation

Built on our modular ladder frame chassis, the metal is stamped and welded together for maximum safety. The entire chassis is then dipped into an anti-corrosion bath before heading off for paint and final assembly. Its enclosed design is stronger and safer than others in its class while it also protects passengers from harm, wind, heat or rain.

Pick Capability.
Pick Class Leading Bed. Pick Solution.

AC Motor 

5kW Motor at the rear axle & tows up to 2 tons with our towing package.


Charges from empty in 8~10 hours from any outlet with our base AGM batteries. Charge in less than half the time with our lithium upgrade.

Class Leading

50~130 miles from the battery pack from standard AGM or upgraded lithium packs.

Free Warranty

Lead acid sealed AGM batteries for easy replacements. Lithium upgrade now available in two sizes. Limited 1~3 year bumper to bumper coverage*.

Perfect On-Site 

Register as a neighborhood electric vehicle with your local department of motor vehicles to drive on public roads with speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

Full Sized 

2 ton towing & 1 ton payload, triple sided loading doors, back up camera, racks, tube doors and more​.

Pickman Classic 2 door in blue, rear quarter shot in a construction site.

 Now powered by EKHO Dealer. 
Finance. Title. Insure. Done. 

Front Quarter Top View
Front Quarter
Classic Triple Loading Bed
Pickman XR and 4XR Catalog.001
Rear Quarter
Rear Quarter with Side Bed Open
All Colors Group Shot
Oliver Green Quarter
Polar White Quarter
Elite Blue Quarter
Ultra Yellow Quarter
Space Black Quarter
Battery and Motors
Front Trunk
Interior Seat and Cabin
Interior Display and Hvac
Interior Fan
Windshield Wiper
Interior Phone Holder with Charger
Power Doors and Windows
Power Doors and Window Controls
Power Doors and Windows
Wheels and Tires
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