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Pick Electric. Pick Adventures. 
Introducing the Pickman & XR Models. 

Click to view photos from our Pickman drive event at the Zion Ponderosa.
Models shown: Pickman XR prototype (red), Pickman Classic (white) and Pickman Passenger (blue), all shown with optional equipment.


  The best in-class  
  utility solution.  

 Up to 3 ton towing & 1 ton payload 
Up to 100~120 mile range per charge* 
 Top speed (off-road use only) of 44mph 

 Dual Motor 
 7.5kW Motor at the rear axle 
 3kW Motor at the front axle 
 Various drive modes 

  Lithium Powered  
  All Weather/Terrain Capable  
  Solar Charging Capable  

   Air conditioning with heating  
   LCD dash and multimedia infotainment  
   Power doors & locks  
   Power steering & brakes  

 Pick   Adventure 
 Self sustainable 
 Multi-battery compatible 
 Freedom from the grid 

 Pick Applications. 

Winding Roads

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U.S. Pricing for the base Pickman Classic starts from around $16,000 picked up from our facilities and up to $30,000+ for a fully loaded, dual motor, 4x4, 4 door Pickman 4XR with extended lithium pack and delivery included up to 2000 miles*. We offer an industry leading limited warranty. Please check with your local department of motor vehicle for usage, registration or potential incentives. Please inquire for international pricing. The Pickmans are neighborhood electric vehicles with limited speed on public roads up to 25~35 mph in most states, usage off-public highways and on private lands. The vehicle must be used in full accordance with local regulations.

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 Pick Off-Road. 
Pick On-Site & Beyond. 

Click to view more photos of the Pickman 4XR (4 door) and XR (2 door)

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