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  • 1st In Class Dual Motor 4x4.

  • 1st In Class Towing Capacity.

  • 1st In Class Payload Capacity.

  • 1st In Class Features.

  • 1st In Class Safety.

Pick, Pickman.

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Pickman All Models Clipped_edited.png
Pickman Classic
Pickman Passenger
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Pickman Mission
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Pickman XR
Pickman 4XR
Pickman All Models Clipped_edited.png
Pick electric. Pick utility. Pick features. Pick technology. Pick safety. Pickman.

Our main focuses at PICKMAN is to create an economic and practical travel tool that is accessible for everyone. Our electric vehicle empowers its users to do more: get more jobs done, carry more, tow more, and save more while being emissions conscious, responsible and free from gas stations. 

The PICKMAN has universal applications - it is safe, comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a perfect fit for daily short distance, site maintenance and high frequency transportation with its multi-functional characteristics. 

The vehicle is powered either by maintenance free AGM lead acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries. Depending on the model, the PICKMAN trucks are equipped with direct drive, single AC motors or dual motors 4x4 on the axle of the vehicle along with a combination of independent and leaf suspension. 

The PICKMAN is built on a steel ladder frame and enclosed with a sturdy, durable stamped and welded body with good impact resistance, making this one of the safest vehicles in its class. With power steering, assisted front disc and rear drum braking system, the PICKMAN ensures safe and reliable operation with heavy payload. 

We are the exclusive PICKMAN distributor in North America and the developer of the segment's first, dual motor 4x4 vehicle. A neighborhood electric vehicle is a street legal, motor vehicle which can be registered and driven on public roads up to 35 miles per hour in most U.S. states. In this segment that is comprised mostly of open golf carts, a PICKMAN proposes a safer enclosed chassis and stronger performance with class leading technologies. Equipped with powerful, torquey AC motors hooked up to one of the class's largest lithium battery packs, PICKMAN offers best in-class towing, payload and range. The PICKMAN platform also provides creature comforts such as powered steering, windows, locks, back-up camera, heating, air conditioning along with attractive options such as open-tube doors, roof racks, lighting, bumper guards, skid plates and more. Coming in 2 door and 4 door chassis, the PICKMAN can be configured for a plethora of uses.

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 A Plethora of Applications. 

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