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White Pickman Passenger Lithium | VIN R35141418M1000956


This Pickman Passenger is a fully electric low speed vehicle in a 4 door, truck form factor with comfortable seating up to 4 adults and plenty of utility. Offering a torquey 5kW AC motor, 8kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, up to 50 mile range per charge with carrying and towing capacities of a full-sized pickup, its innovative patented modular design allows for class leading safety construction, creature comforts and low running costs during its life cycle. Dual cab, 4 door ergonomic layout allows seating up to 4 adults while offering plenty of cargo space. Easily recharge overnight at home with your 120V plug in 9~10 hours from empty or fast charge via 240V in 2~3 hours


This vehicle comes standard with the rear loading truck bed while offering a pass through and fold down rear seats for extra storage along with air conditioning, front bumper guards, towing package and our spray-on rubber bed liner. The Pickman 4 door trunk bed measures 35" x 51" with overall dimensions of 5.1' tall, 4.5' wide, 12' long and around 1650 pounds. 


Attractive features include items such as power steering, assisted brakes, defroster, fan, mobile holder, multimedia player, backup camera, visors, DOT windshield & glass, FMVSS 209 certified 3 point seatbelts and many more.


In the U.S., the Pickmans are neighborhood electric vehicles or low speed vehicles, registered with the NHTSA and manufacturer certified to FMVSS 500 standards, with backup camera, FMVSS 209 seatbelts, AS1 glazing windshield, 17 digit VIN and manufacturer certificate of origin. Please check with your local DMV for registration and use.


Please see our Pickman Vehicle Purchase Agreement & Warranty linked here. Sign and send back the agreement to with the vehicle identificaiton number (VIN) in the email. 


Vehicle is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Pickman 4 Door Passenger Lithium VIN R35141418M1000956

$21,700.00 Regular Price
$19,700.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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