Pickman 4 Door | Passenger

Pickman 4 Door | Passenger




The Pickman Passenger electric pickup truck is manufactured by Kaiyun Motors in China and imported by its subsidiary Kylectric Auto to the United States. Accessible and easy to use, the Pickman product line is the beginning of many focused transportation solutions for running daily errands and utility needs.


See our Pickman Deck & Catalog here.


Offering a torquey 4kW AC motor, 70 mile range per charge with carrying and towing capacities of a full sized pickup, its innovative patented modular design allows for class leading safety construction, creature comforts and low running costs during its life cycle. Dual cab, 4 door ergonomic layout allows seating up to 4 adults while offering plenty of cargo space. Easily recharge overnight at home with your 110V plug and save on your utility and transportation bills.


This truck comes standard with the rear loading truck bed while offering a pass through and fold down rear seats for extra storage along with optional air conditioning, front bumper guards and towing package. The Pickman 4 door trunk bed measures 35" x 51" with overall dimensions of 5.1' tall, 4.5' wide, 12' long and around 1650 pounds.


The Pickman Passenger is geared towards family and comfort as it features independent suspension for a smooth ride and its cabin can fit 4 adults and their bags comfortably


Standard attractive features include items such as power steering, assisted brakes, defroster, fan, mobile holder, multimedia player, backup camera, visors, DOT windshield & glass, FMVSS 209 certified 3 point seatbelts and many more.


Price includes west coast delivery to our facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Price excludes relevant registration fees and final destination fees.

Currently our vehicles are built in 30~40 days with ocean freight transit time of 30~45 days for west coast or east coast delivery. 


- Standard 1 year bumper to bumper warranty included

- 2 Year extended warranty for $1500*


See attached link for vehicle specifications.


Financing is also available via Flexxbuy.

Apply now from rates starting from 6% and terms up to 60 months. 


In the U.S., we are equipped as a low speed vehicle or manufacturer certified to FMVSS 500 standards, with backup camera, FMVSS 209 seatbelts, AS1 glazing windshield, 17 digit VIN and manufacturer certificate of origin for self-registering etc… Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) can be registered and operated on public roads and neighborhoods 25~35 miles per hour. Please check with your local DMV for LSV / NEV registration and use.
We have a community app & platform that we are planning to launch in 2021 that will have an ecosystem where users can sell, buy, offer services, hire techs and more all while utilizing our vehicles across various communities. We welcome more users into our communities as we launch our APP as it is a great opportunity to bring the vehicle and its services to your local area(s).


Orders placed online will be paid 100% in full which means you are eligible for $500 off your order. Use the coupon code Pickman500 at checkout to apply the coupon to your order. 

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